Rap Recap: Must-Hear Releases from KR$NA, Emiway, Dhanji, Tsumyoki, Shia and More

The first week into March and we’ve already got a surprise EP by KR$NA and the other notable rap faction — that of Emiway Bantai — have enough to boast about as well with the release of his new song “Scene Change.” Don’t make us choose or give preferential treatment here, because there’s clearly plenty of room for all to thrive in desi hip-hop. In our latest rap recap, we take a look at everything that’s going down and coming up in Indian hip-hop.

Time Will Tell EP by KR$NA

Rapper KR$NA is always good with reminders and his new EP Time Will Tell is a short but timely message to all those punters waiting on his next move. The artist cuts fast and loose across three tracks, with the music video for “Kaha Tak” taking stock of how far he’s come, while he returns the favor for Pakistani hip-hop duo Young Stunners’ Talha Anjum (“Been A While”) and Talhah Yunus (“NGL,”) right after he featured on “Touch Base” from Anjum’s album Open Letter recently.

“Scene Change” by Emiway Bantai

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