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"Dhanji ka music is something you can make a peer reviewed research paper on"
What Clients Say
Dhanji undoubtedly da 1 to do it
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Hailing from Amdavad, GJ, Dhanji is building a base at the forefront of the Indian avant-garde. Shaking things up with his untouchable style and the incomparable jazz about him. With an impressive discography of seven mixtapes already under his belt, Dhanji is single-handedly shaping the culture one drop at a time. Inspired by legends like Jay-Z, Nas, and Wu-Tang Clan, he remains a dedicated student of the game, paying homage to his inuences in every track. Unapologetically authentic and refusing to conform to mainstream trends, the rapper stands tall as a true pioneer of Indian hip-hop.
Beyond his endeavors as a rapper, Dhanji assumes the roles of a co-founder and visionary. He is the driving force behind Live in AMD, a live showcase that spotlights Ahmedabad's most exceptional artists, providing them with a platform to shine. Additionally, he co-founded the Thaltej Publishing Company, an organization that serves as a distribution platform, championing the talents that reside within the underground scene of Indian hip-hop. His distinct sound has garnered recognition and accolades from esteemed cultural magazines and platforms such as Rolling Stone India, The WildCity, Homegrown, and many more.
Revered as one of the most unique voices in the industry, he captivates audiences with his artistry and leaves them in awe. With an unwavering and devoted fan base throughout the country, Dhanji has graced stages in over 50 performances, enchanting audiences in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and numerous others.

Set to conquer all obstacles with his unprecedented style that knows no boundaries, Dhanji is prepared to leave an unparalleled legacy.
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