Dhanji – Kadipatti (Produced by dox): Score Indie Reviews

Jayraj Ganatra aka Dhanji is a rapper working out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He has gradually been rising in popularity in the bubbling Indian hip hop scene. He released the track “Kadipatti” recently, and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Dhanji might have risen to prominence in India’s hip hop underground primarily because of streaming services, but his music isn’t some hyper-aggressive blend of punch you in the face punk rap, nor is it down-trodden emo-rap pitched down with distortion.

Dhanji’s appeal comes from his ability to emote his words well, decent flow and the knack for producing a pleasant hook that sets him up for success. His writing skills don’t quite hit the right notes at all times but are solid overall. He has a distinct sound, which carries him throughout his songs and definitely compensates for the rapping skills which still need some more smoothening. He always sounds real and honest though, and deserves full credit for that.

“Kadipatti” is a solid, well rounded rap song which definitely deserves to be in your indie hip hop playlist. It hits major highs when Dhanji relies on his bright vocal delivery and knowledge of the hip hop genre to create a unique sound. However, it does sound like the work of an artist who is still honing his chops in certain areas (the flow seems to waver at times). 

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